Bio-Resonance Therapy

Bioresonance-TherapyThis is a non-invasive, safe therapy using a Bio Resonance machine to test and treat energy imbalances.

Contact Mary Lalor at 087 2925305

A wide range of Complex Homeopathic Remedies are also tested.  The object is to find out what can help the body restore balance and thus help achieve good health and energy.  It does not clash with any medical treatment.

Assessment for Allergies available.

I also offer a programme for Smoking Cessation as part of the Bio Resonance Therapy.

Cost: €30 Euro for Assessment;  €25 for Treatments.  Remedies €15/€20 each

About Mary Lalor

 Diploma in Bio-Resonance Testing and Dispensing of Homoeopathic Remedies : issued by the Meridian Institute, Stillorgan.
Chief Instructor: Dr. Ac Ronald J. Turner

 Practitioner of Dr Bach Flower Remedies: certificate issued by the Dr Edward Bach Foundation, Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire, England.
Teacher of Home Economics
St Catherine’s Teacher Training College, Sion Hill, Blackrock

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