Creative Arts Therapy/Dramatherapy

creativeartstherapyDramatherapy is the intentional use of drama to bring about positive transformation. It is a physical and creative approach to what is often an emotional or developmental problem. Dramatherapy is a Creative Arts Therapy that does not rely solely on vocal articulation to express emotions or explore personal issues. It is suitable for ALL ages and no experience of drama therapy is necessary.

Dramatherapy is a unique approach for unique individuals and their various life challenges. A variety of dramatic techniques such as role-play, story making, puppetry, masks and objects can be used to help an individual to tell his or her story, explore inner experience and achieve better self-awareness. The ability to observe and understand personal roles and the roles of others in our lives is heightened.

The safety of ‘dramatic distance’ in a dramatherapy session can assist the group member in processing the difficulties encountered in life. The permission this offers can often facilitate a deep and profound understanding and healing of these difficulties that might otherwise be too challenging to face.

The goals of a dramatherapy session include exploring ideas and possibilities, issues and problems; expressing and exploring feelings; developing spontaneity, imagination and creativity; improving self-image, self confidence; improving social and relationship skills.

Dramatherapy is a recognised clinical intervention and all practising dramatherapists should be professionally trained and registered with a state body. It can be employed as a short or long-term intervention.

Liz Gleeson

LIz is a professional dramatherapist qualified since 2004 and with over fourteen years experience participating in the Creative Arts.  Liz has been facilitating groups since 2001 and is experienced and professional in her approach. She has brought dramatherapy to a variety of community groups including work with the elderly, primary schools, adults with mental health issues and children with special needs. Her work has brought her as far away as Chennai, India where she worked with 16 young people in an orphanage for children with special needs during the Summer of 2003.

Liz regularly taught on the MA Dramatherapy programme in NUI Maynooth, as tutor and as Playback Theatre facilitator after graduating with first class honours in 2004. She also developed and delivered a module for the Social Care Degree programme in IT Tallaght: ‘Creative Approaches to Social Care’ from 2008 – 2010. Liz is currently studying for a MSc in Bereavement Studies with the Irish Hospice Foundation and the RCSI.

To make an appointment, please contact Liz on 087 2934699 or

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