1 – Go to http://luisne.ie/wp-admin/ and login.


2 – On the left hand side, click on ‘Pages’.




3 – Select the page you want to Edit.



4 – This is an example the information displayed. Do not click on the ‘X’ on any part in the coloured sections, they will be deleted. If you do happen to accidentally click on one or made changes you do not wish to apply, close the page in your internet browser (chrome, firefox, etc).



5 – To edit text click on the 3 lines in one of the grey sections which have the word ‘Text’.

6 – The window for the settings and content for the page will appear. You will most likely be interested in the ‘Content’ section.


7 – Click on the text box (the section below ‘Content’). You will be able to highlight and edit text like any Word program. You can choose whether it should be a heading or a paragraph. You can choose colours, bold and italic settings.

8 – After applying the changes, click ‘Save & Exit’.


9 – Next click ‘Update’ near the top right of the page and the changes will have been made to the website.