MindfulnessWise with Dr Nicola Martin

   MindfulnessWise with Dr. Nicola Martin

In these unprecedented & uncertain times…where COVID 19 has forever ingrained ‘social distancing’ & ‘Isolation’ in our daily lives- It is vital we use technology to stay connected, to share support & to look out for each other as best we can. More than ever, it is so important to boost ‘Well-Being & Relieve Stress!’ So, I’ve uploaded the 8 wk MBSR Handbook (http://mindfulnesswise.ie/free-resources.html) as delivered in Luísne Well-Being Centre. I hope it awakens interest & brings benefit as you explore your unique & uncharted Inner landscape…

Although, we may remain physically apart, together sharing what we can creates a sense of hope & new connections. Wishing you the best of health & well-being. Nicola

​A Short 15 mins Guided Outdoor Body Scan (soundcloud.com/user-83990243/short-outdoor-body-scan) – Given the reality of Social Distancing – Revitalizing Well-Being & Reducing Stress is incredibly important. NATURE does what it does best- Reminds us that although we are 2 meters apart we are forever connected!

17 mins Mountain Meditation
(soundcloud.com/user-83990243/mountain-music-meditation-njm). An inspiring practice & visualization in times of Change, So particularly potent in this time of Worldwide Pandemic.  We will get there together as we are all part of Nature, All connected and yet unique in character. Replenish & recharge….

A short 20 mins Sounds & Thoughts  Meditation. (soundcloud.com/user-83990243/20-mins-thought-sounds-music-meditation)

15 mins Resilience & Compassion as One~ (soundcloud.com/user-83990243/resilience-compassion-as-one)  Having come to Mindfulness via Resiliency- I notice how the term has its own stigma! I believe profoundly that at the heart of Resiliency is ultimate Vulnerability

Cultivating Resiliency during intense periods of bereavement, loss & grief are the bedrocks of my Mindfulness explorations. If you too have experienced these moments please feel free to visit my dedicated site to bereavement

A 15 mins Breath & Body Music Meditation – to Boost Well-Being & Reduce Stress  (soundcloud.com/user-83990243/15mins-breath-body-meditative-music-practice)

15 mins Capturing-the-Sun 
​(soundcloud.com/user-83990243/capturing-the-sun)- This is a wonderful 15 mins visualization- We all need that moment to just soak up energy when we are feeling depleted or low. At times like this or when like myself you live in a country where vitamin D & Sunshine is in short supply! Tapping into memories & imagination can help re-energize your zest!​

3 Step Breathing Space – (soundcloud.com/user-83990243/3-step-breathing-space-with-music) To check in & hop off Autopilot! Take just a few mins to check in – “‘thinking is not a problem. Its thinking while being unaware that you are thinking that can become a major problem!” Penman

25 mins Relaxation Poses & Mini body Scan- Mindful Movement 1soundcloud.com/user-83990243/23-mins-relaxation-poses-body-scan-sound  – Explore 3 Relaxations Poses with Mini body Scan helping  to relax the respiratory & Nervous systems whilst  re-energizing heart, body & mind!

30 mins Gentle Floor Yoga Movement  2​ soundcloud.com/user-83990243/gentle-floor-yoga-part-2
Replenish & restore balance with some Gentle Floor Yoga Life itself is the real yoga practice- every way in which you carry your body is a yoga posture, if its held in Awareness..’.JKZ.