Natural Energy Healing

Gerlinde-Angel-300x258About Natural Energy Healing

Natural Energy Healing (also known as spiritual healing) is a holistic therapy. Healing Energy is all around us. In essence, it is universal; part of nature itself. It is available for everyone to use for the greatest good.  Healing Trust Practitioners learn to use their ability to tap into this energy and pass it on to help relax the body, relieve tension and promote self-healing where it is needed.  Natural Healing Energy sessions are given by Gerlinde Kugler, Natural Healing Energy Practitioner.

I help the client to relax deeply. This is a precondition for self-healing. The procedure takes about 60 minutes and no touch is required.

Each person experiences the healing session in different ways. Some see the most beautiful light and colours, some feel heat or a coolness, some feel tingling or waves of  energy moving through their body, some experience twitching while releasing unwanted energies and some feel very deep relaxation.

The healing process starts immediately and continues for some time.  Some of the effects, however, may not be felt for a few days.

To make an appointment, please contact Gerlinde on 0876488993.

About Gerlinde

Gerlinde Kugler is a Natural Healing Energy Therapist and has been practising since 2006. She is a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (UK).

“I have had some very deep healing experiences with Gerlinde acting as a channel. Gerlinde offers a beautiful and safe space where I have been able to completely let go and surrender to whatever it is that my higher self knows I need, and to the energy source which can rejuvenate, restore and soothe me. A wonderful treat or a resource in times of stress.”


“As a person who was very resistant to the idea of healing, I went to Gerlinde with great skepticism. I was so surprised to experience feelings of release and relief. I have returned on several occasions to refresh these feelings. The healing is quiet, comfortable and non invasive, but very effective. I have every confidence in recommending Gerlinde to others and have done so to friends.”


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