The Events List


This is the List that displays what is going to happen at Luisne soon. If you click on them you will get more information on the event and the ability to make a booking for that particular event.

The List shows the next 25 events happening at Luisne, excluding some daily events such as daily meditation.

If you move your cursor (mouse) to ‘What’s On?’ at the top of your screen you can see a drop-down menu appearing. Click on any of the categories to display the Events for that category in the same way.


At the top of your screen you can find the menu bar with the link ‘Calendar’. When you move your cursor (mouse) over it a drop-down menu appears. You can click on any of them so that the calendar only displays events in that category. Otherwise you can click on ‘Calendar’ to display all the events happening at Luisne.


Sidebar Calendar


This is a handy tool displayed at the side of your screen (unless you are using a mobile device, in which case its at the bottom of the page).

The List below the calendar displays the next few Events this month happening at Luisne.

The dot below the date on the calendar means there is an Event (or more than one) happening that day. Click on the day to make everything that is happening on that day display below the calendar.

Check out our new courses and events - check the Calendar for events and dates suitable datesĀ