1- Go to http://luisne.ie/wp-admin and login

2 – On the left hand side of the screen, move your mouse over ‘Events’ and select ‘Add New’

3 – At the top of the page enter the Title of the event

4 – Underneath the Title, enter the Description of the event. This should not include pictures

5 – Next, you will see a section called ‘Time & Date’, and below that ‘Start Date & Time’. Click on ‘Start Date & Time’. You will see a calendar appear. Click on the day the event starts.

6 – After selecting the date, choose a starting time. Just click on the hour and choose a time. Do the same for the minutes. Then choose whether its at AM or PM.

7 – Choose and End Date by clicking on the date next to ‘End Date & Time’. If it ends on the same day then you can skip this step, as the end date automatically chooses the start date.

8 – Choose the time the event ends, just like you did with choosing the start time.

9 – If the event does not happen more than once, you can go ahead to step number 11.

If the event happens more than once, such as on a weekly or a monthly basis, you can set the recurrence section so that it automatically creates those entries. In that case click on ‘Once’ and you will see a drop down list showing different options.


10 – Choose ‘Daily’ if your event occurs on a daily basis.

Choose ‘Every Week’ if the event happens on the same day every week.

After, click on the date to the right of ‘and will end on’, and select the date the event finishes.

10 – Choose ‘Custom’ if the event happens on different days of the week or on specific days of the month (such as the first Monday every month)

10 – Custom Weekly

Choose this option if the event happens on different days of the week. After choosing ‘Custom’ and then ‘Weekly’, a list of every day of the week appears (M, T, W, T, F, S, S,) with a tick the box option to the left of the day.

Tick the days the event happens during the week, and if it starts at a different time, it can be selected by clicking on the box next to ‘Same Time’. After that you can choose a different start time for the event, and set the duration of the event.



10 – Custom Monthly

Select this option if the event occurs on the same specific day of the month, such as the first Monday of every month.

Select ‘Custom’, and then select ‘Monthly’. A new section will appear with a drop-down, one with the word ‘First’, and the second with ‘Monday’.

Select ‘First’ and from the drop-down and choose the week the event happens within the month. This means First, Second, Third week of the month.

If the event happens at a different time, tick the ‘Same Time’ tickbox and choose a start time and duration of the event.

11 – Location

Select the drop-down menu titled ‘Use new venue’ and select ‘Luisne’.


12 – Tutor/Organiser

To select a Tutor or Organiser, click on ‘Use New Organiser’. You can either search for a name by typing it then or by scrolling down through the list.

If the name doesn’t appear on the list, select ‘Use New Organiser’. Then type the name in the section directly below titled ‘Organiser Name’. You will not have to enter any additional information here.

13 – Ticket/Booking Option

To add a Booking option go ‘Tickets’ and select the button ‘New Ticket’.


14 – Ticket/Booking Name

In the Title of the Ticket, enter the Name of the Event, followed by a description of the booking type if there are to be several options.


15 – Ticket/Booking Description

Add a short description to the Ticket/Booking, not needed but is recommended.



16 – Ticket/Booking Price

Add the price of the Ticket/Booking to this box.




17 – Ticket/Booking Price

Click ‘Save Ticket’ and the Ticket/Booking is finished. It will appear just above, and you can add another Ticket/Booking if needed.

18 – Excerpt

In this section enter a small description of the event. This is usually one or two lines taken from large the description near the top of the page.


19 – Featured Image

Next scroll back up the page and look to the right-hand side of the page and you will see a section called ‘Featured Image (may be down on the page if using a mobile device).

Click on ‘Set Featured Image’.


20 – Featured Image

A page with lots of pictures will appear. You can select the image you want here, or else you can open a folder on your PC and drag a picture onto this screen with the many pictures. It will automatically set the picture you dragged over as the image to be used.

Then click on ‘Set featured Image’ at the bottom right of the screen.


21 – Categories

A little above the Featured Image section you will find ‘Event Categories’. Here you select the category the event appears under, such as Thursday Talks etc.



22 – Publish

All that is left now is to publish the Event. A little above the ‘Event Categories’ there is a section called ‘Publish’, and within that there is a blue button called ‘Publish’. Click the button and the event has been posted to the website.