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Art Therapy

Marie-Andre-Art-3-90About Art Therapy

Art Therapy is available through Luisne as ongoing one-to-one sessions.

Contact Marie Andre at 087 9444839 for a one-to-one session.

Recent findings in neuro-science indicate that the brain is a living breathing, organism constantly evolving. Creativity, they say, stimulates an inter active play in the brain which no computer can match. The right / left-brain distinction no longer holds true. The power of creative imagination is much more intriguing. With the brain being so resilient and adaptable amazing powers of healing are tapped into, suppressed feelings released through the poetics of the senses, curiosity aroused when new possibilities loom on the horizon.

The Art Therapy space provides an opportunity to actively participate in a visualization and express on paper the new discovery of the inner world. When we listen with the ears of the heart and see with the eyes of the mind, there is no disapproval or rejection, no judgment only self-awareness and self-acceptance of an honest expression of our uniqueness. Being engaged in creative imagery can be healing in itself. However, if the experience is externalized, shared and communicated in a trusting environment it can enhance the effect, empowering the individual and act as an incentive to real change.

Facilitated by Marie-Andre Horsthemke


About Marie-Andre

Marie-Andre Horsthemke works with groups and individuals and has been involved in various aspects of the caring profession for over forty years, as a teacher, counsellor and therapist in Germany, Africa, England and Ireland.

Diploma in Psycho-Dynamic Counselling Roehampton UK 2yr.

Certificate in Person-centered Art Therapy – Crawley College London 1year.

Core-Energetic Training (New York & Berlin) International Institute for Core-Energetics 4yrs.


Bio-Energetics therapeutic work (personal therapy &group work)/UK 8yrs

3 years experience Counselling Marlybone Centre London.

I.A.H.I.P. Accreditation 2000- 2007

(currently have non-practicing accredited status as I do not work with several clients)

In Private Practice both in UK & Ireland from 1990-2006

Pupil of Willigis Jaeger Benedictine monk and Zen master Benedictushof Wurzburg Germany. 1979-to date

Currently Facilitator of Workshops in Art Therapy& Sacred Mandalas Luisne Centre for Spirituality Wicklow.

+Co.facilitator of   Meditation and reflections on Mysticism. (Luisne)

Bio-Resonance Therapy

Bioresonance-TherapyThis is a non-invasive, safe therapy using a Bio Resonance machine to test and treat energy imbalances.

Contact Mary Lalor at 087 2925305

A wide range of Complex Homeopathic Remedies are also tested.  The object is to find out what can help the body restore balance and thus help achieve good health and energy.  It does not clash with any medical treatment.

Assessment for Allergies available.

I also offer a programme for Smoking Cessation as part of the Bio Resonance Therapy.

Cost: €30 Euro for Assessment;  €25 for Treatments.  Remedies €15/€20 each

About Mary Lalor

 Diploma in Bio-Resonance Testing and Dispensing of Homoeopathic Remedies : issued by the Meridian Institute, Stillorgan.
Chief Instructor: Dr. Ac Ronald J. Turner

 Practitioner of Dr Bach Flower Remedies: certificate issued by the Dr Edward Bach Foundation, Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire, England.
Teacher of Home Economics
St Catherine’s Teacher Training College, Sion Hill, Blackrock


Innerspace Counselling & Psychotherapy


with Róisín Glynn (BSc, MIACP)

Róisín comes from a career background in the fields of youth, community and education welfare. Her experience gives her a grounded and realistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy, providing a non-judgemental space where you can gain perspective on the difficulties you are experiencing and find a new way forward. The integrative style of counselling she practices allows her the versatility to adapt her work to the unique needs of each client.

Róisín qualified as a counsellor in 2010 and is a fully accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Contact Róisín :
Tel: 086 243 9458

For more information please visit


Massage, Reflexology & Holistic Treatments

IMG_3829-246x300I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself from within. Why not choose from some of the world’s most ancient therapies to help you. Gift Vouchers are available at Luisne for all treatments.

To book a treatment, please call Marian on 0862514007.


Reflexology is a pressure massage to the feet in order to stimulate the reflex points and to bring about a balance of the eight bodily systems. Precise pressure is applied to activate natural healing and is a very pleasurable and relaxing experience.

Your Reflexology treatment includes a Seaweed Foot Soak, some breathing exercises and treatment is completed with massage of feet and legs with Essential Oils.

€45.00 –    60 mins.


Although the technique involved in IHM involves only upper part of the body, (shoulders, upper arms, neck and head),  collectively they represent a de-stressing programme for the whole body. It has the effect of increasing blood flow, relieves muscular tension, helps release of endorphins from the brain which in turn can relieve pain and creates a feeling of balance and calm.  (no need to undress)

€40.00…..50 mins

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a calming relaxing massage to the back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and head.  Like all massage it is de-stressing and relaxing.  It has the effect of increasing blood flow, relieves muscular tension, helps release of endorphins from the brain which in turn can relieve pain and creates a feeling of balance and calm (no need to undress as this treatment is given in a special on site massage chair)

€45.00….60 mins

Hopi Ear Candling 

This ancient Chinese treatment offers relief to those who suffer with ear, nose and throat conditions. Gentle heat from the candles helps to remove impurities from the ear.  This treatment is combined with a relaxing head and facial massage.. or.. shoulder massage.

€55.00…60 mins

Aromatherapy Massage Tantric1-300x191

Aromatherapy is a gentle body massage using Essential Oils.   Essential oils have many properties and a blend will be made to suit you.

€50.00    60 mins

Pregnancy Massage 

Is a very gentle, comforting massage with lots of pillows for support.

€45.00     60 mins

Facial  + 

A Facial to drain the lymphatic system, and includes a shoulder and neck massage.

€45.00    60mins


Restores the natural balance and harmony of your body


 Please call me if you would like to discuss any of the therapies offered at 0862514007

Marian Duff   ITEC dip.

de-stress, unwind and give yourself time….

Just as the dog

Loves to chew bones,

the human mind

Loves its problems……

We have forgotten what rocks, plants and animals still know,

to be still, to be ourselves, to be in the NOW….

Give yourself the gift of a Holistic Treatment and JUST BEEEE……

Natural Energy Healing

Gerlinde-Angel-300x258About Natural Energy Healing

Natural Energy Healing (also known as spiritual healing) is a holistic therapy. Healing Energy is all around us. In essence, it is universal; part of nature itself. It is available for everyone to use for the greatest good.  Healing Trust Practitioners learn to use their ability to tap into this energy and pass it on to help relax the body, relieve tension and promote self-healing where it is needed.  Natural Healing Energy sessions are given by Gerlinde Kugler, Natural Healing Energy Practitioner.

I help the client to relax deeply. This is a precondition for self-healing. The procedure takes about 60 minutes and no touch is required.

Each person experiences the healing session in different ways. Some see the most beautiful light and colours, some feel heat or a coolness, some feel tingling or waves of  energy moving through their body, some experience twitching while releasing unwanted energies and some feel very deep relaxation.

The healing process starts immediately and continues for some time.  Some of the effects, however, may not be felt for a few days.

To make an appointment, please contact Gerlinde on 0876488993.

About Gerlinde

Gerlinde Kugler is a Natural Healing Energy Therapist and has been practising since 2006. She is a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (UK).

“I have had some very deep healing experiences with Gerlinde acting as a channel. Gerlinde offers a beautiful and safe space where I have been able to completely let go and surrender to whatever it is that my higher self knows I need, and to the energy source which can rejuvenate, restore and soothe me. A wonderful treat or a resource in times of stress.”


“As a person who was very resistant to the idea of healing, I went to Gerlinde with great skepticism. I was so surprised to experience feelings of release and relief. I have returned on several occasions to refresh these feelings. The healing is quiet, comfortable and non invasive, but very effective. I have every confidence in recommending Gerlinde to others and have done so to friends.”


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