“Luisne, the first blush of light before dawn breaks” 

translation from old Gaelic

Luisne (pronounced lishne) is ) is an old Gaelic word meaning  “the first blush of light before dawn breaks”. One of Luisne’s goals is to contribute to the dawn of a new consciousness, a deepening awareness of self and the environment, leading to an appreciation of the world around us as a sacred landscape which nourishes our very souls.

Despite many adversities, particularly regarding location, Luisne has served a growing community throughout Ireland since 2004. 

Promoting a holistic and integral approach to health and well-being on a personal, community and planetary level…

Luisne Offers:

  • a warm welcome to all regardless of background and beliefs
  • a path to peace in a sometimes chaotic world through the practice of meditation
  • courses/events/lectures which help deepen purpose and clarify meaning in life
  • a vision of life which is relevant and life-giving

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