Interested in Volunteering for Luisne?

Please contact us with your details:


Volunteers are essential to the life of Luisne…IN FACT, even if the resources were there to pay staff for all work necessary to run Luisne efficiently, we feel that something of our spirit would be lost without our volunteers. Luisne has always been dependent on volunteers and has been greatly enriched by the quality of their work and presence.

How You Can Help:

  1. Volunteer for Workshops:
  • a weekday morning Course/Workshop: 4hrs approx. Meet and Greet plus minor tasks – help tutor set up, etc.
  • for an evening Course/Workshop: 1hr 30mins approx. Meet and Greet plus minor tasks – Help tutor to set up for workshop.
  • for a Saturday Workshop: Meet and welcome participants as they arrive – from 30mins before session is due to begin. If necessary help collect fees etc.
  1. Volunteer for Weekday Meditation Sessions:
  • Lead a 25 minute meditation session: open up the space (10 minutes beforehand), sound gong/bell at start and end of session. You may have to lock the premises.
  1. Help maintain the premises – décor, tidy, etc.


Volunteers don’t get paid not because they are worthless but because they are priceless! -Sherry Anderson