Our History 

A brief history

Luisne (pronounced lishne) is an old Gaelic word meaning ‘the first blush of light before dawn breaks’.

Luisne was founded in 2004. Its founding purpose was to contribute to the dawn of a new consciousness, a new awareness, of our deep and sacred interconnection with all forms of life. It is hoped that this awareness will lead to genuine mutual respect and an acceptance that hierarchical, patriarchal, religious and cultural divides are no longer appropriate in today’s society. Through working in groups, participants can experience how to positively influence and help each other. Many times participants will apply in other life situations what they have learnt in courses or through meditation to increase health and well-being at an individual, family or work level.

Ever since 2004 the work of Luisne has been events, workshops, rituals, retreats and meditation practice sessions at the idyllic location of Darraghville House which, however, for the first time since 1897, has become a family residence once again. For a second time Luisne has had to vacate the property – this time for good.

Our Ethos

Luisne is a space where:

  • Hospitality, healing, learning and a rhythm of meditation and prayer are essential elements.
  • Community implies not only care for one another but care for the whole community of life, including planet earth.
  • Mutual respect and co-responsibility are experienced and encouraged.
  • All who are searching for meaning in life will find support and welcome, regardless of religious affiliation/belief.


Our New Life in Bray!

They say: After death comes resurrection!

That is literally true in the case of Luisne.

Following its temporary closure (we were not sure it was to be temporary) due to

  • yet another sale of Darraghville House
  • as with many services, Luisne was badly hit by the Covid restrictions

Two huge setbacks, both in 2021!

As soon as the restrictions were eased we began the hunt for new premises – not easy. Sadly, we could not find a suitable place in Kilcoole so in the future there may be little connection with Kilcoole, the birthplace of Luisne. We finally found a very suitable premises at the Egan Business Centre in Bray – but our rent is quite high.These premises comprise a small office as well as three rooms suitable for classes. It is hoped that in time the additional space will generate the income needed to pay the rent. In the meantime we are dependent on donations and sponsorships.

So yet again – with your financial assistance – Luisne is about to begin a new life!!