Luisne’s Vision

Open and without walls, Luisne is a contemporary monastic settlement inspired by the early monasteries and the scientific revelation that all life is intimately interconnected and richly diversified. Believing that truth is multi-faceted and spirituality is common to people of all cultural backgrounds, Luisne welcomes people of all faiths and none. Luisne encourages its replication wherever it is needed to improve the local or global community and to demonstrate respect for and preservation of all life.

Luisne’s Dream

Our dream is that Luisne become
a monastic settlement
similar to the old Celtic Christian monasteries
while inspired by the new scientific and spiritual vision
which encompasses the whole of life
in its personal, interpersonal, planetary and universal dimensions.
Luisne is a space where:
hospitality, healing, learning and a rhythm of prayer
are essential elements;
community implies care for one another and
care for the whole community of life including planet earth;
mutual respect and co-responsibility are experienced and encouraged;
all who are searching for meaning in life find welcome;
local and Holy Faith heritage is honoured;
contemplative stillness, beauty and peace are experienced;
and the healing beauty of the outer landscape
awakens the creativity and sacredness
of the inner landscape of the soul.

Luisne Spirituality Centre maintains a policy of equal opportunity, Health and Safety, and Child Protection. These policies are available in the Luisne Library to anyone who comes to Luisne. Our Charity number is 3832.

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