Art Therapy

Marie-Andre-Art-3-90About Art Therapy

Art Therapy is available through Luisne as ongoing one-to-one sessions.

Contact Marie Andre at 087 9444839 for a one-to-one session.

Recent findings in neuro-science indicate that the brain is a living breathing, organism constantly evolving. Creativity, they say, stimulates an inter active play in the brain which no computer can match. The right / left-brain distinction no longer holds true. The power of creative imagination is much more intriguing. With the brain being so resilient and adaptable amazing powers of healing are tapped into, suppressed feelings released through the poetics of the senses, curiosity aroused when new possibilities loom on the horizon.

The Art Therapy space provides an opportunity to actively participate in a visualization and express on paper the new discovery of the inner world. When we listen with the ears of the heart and see with the eyes of the mind, there is no disapproval or rejection, no judgment only self-awareness and self-acceptance of an honest expression of our uniqueness. Being engaged in creative imagery can be healing in itself. However, if the experience is externalized, shared and communicated in a trusting environment it can enhance the effect, empowering the individual and act as an incentive to real change.

Facilitated by Marie-Andre Horsthemke


About Marie-Andre

Marie-Andre Horsthemke works with groups and individuals and has been involved in various aspects of the caring profession for over forty years, as a teacher, counsellor and therapist in Germany, Africa, England and Ireland.

Diploma in Psycho-Dynamic Counselling Roehampton UK 2yr.

Certificate in Person-centered Art Therapy – Crawley College London 1year.

Core-Energetic Training (New York & Berlin) International Institute for Core-Energetics 4yrs.


Bio-Energetics therapeutic work (personal therapy &group work)/UK 8yrs

3 years experience Counselling Marlybone Centre London.

I.A.H.I.P. Accreditation 2000- 2007

(currently have non-practicing accredited status as I do not work with several clients)

In Private Practice both in UK & Ireland from 1990-2006

Pupil of Willigis Jaeger Benedictine monk and Zen master Benedictushof Wurzburg Germany. 1979-to date

Currently Facilitator of Workshops in Art Therapy& Sacred Mandalas Luisne Centre for Spirituality Wicklow.

+Co.facilitator of   Meditation and reflections on Mysticism. (Luisne)

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