As we descend deeper day by day into this Corona crisis it becomes all too easy to become gripped by fears for our own and our family safety, fear of the unknown and fears for the future. By consciously choosing to hold a position of faith rather than fear we can improve our situation and not allow it to overwhelm us. If collectively we exercise faith it will make a huge difference and even influence the outcome. Here we may need to monitor the content of our conversation because by the words we use we will either be spreading the positive outlook that comes from faith or the contagion and negativity of fear.

From the East comes a story that is particularly relevant in these times. A wise man was out walking when he met Pandemic on his travels. ‘Where are you going,’ he asked. ‘To yonder city’ Pandemic replied, ‘and there I intend to claim five thousand lives.’ ‘So if it has to be,’ replied the wise man, ‘but not a single one above that, do you agree.’ ‘Yes’, said Pandemic, ‘five thousand it is and no more.’

A month later the wise man again met Pandemic on his way back. He was angry and accused him of taking fifty thousand lives when he had given his word that five thousand was going to be his limit. ‘In truth,’ said Pandemic, ‘I did faithfully keep my word. Just five thousand died of the disease but forty five thousand died from fear and panic when they saw me coming!’

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